Yue-Sai has connected East and West with charm, intelligence and grace

New York Times

The program brought Kan to prominence in China and led the Chinese government to offer her a new television series, One World, which was produced and hosted by Yue-Sai and aired on China’s national television network CCTV. The twice-per-week program, which exposed Chinese viewers to cultures around the world, was the first-ever television series hosted by a Chinese American on national Chinese TV.  With a weekly viewership of 300 million, “One World” gave many Chinese their first glimpse of the outside world. Her broadcast captivated the entire nation and made her a household name. At that time with broadcasts in both China and the USA, she was the most watched woman in the world. The bilingual scripts and video were used as teaching materials in schools across China and her easy television style influenced a generation of TV journalists in China. 

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