One World, Many Facets of a Charmed Life

China Daily

Businesswoman and author Yue-Sai Kan believes many in the West still fail to understand the Chinese. The Emmy award-winner who can also lay claim to once being the most famous woman in China insists many of the negative perceptions are just wrong.



Yue-Sai on CCTV9


As the only non-Chinese citizen hosting a show on China’s state media in the 1980s, Yue-Sai Kan gained a unique insight into the policy debates taking place at a time of enormous change. She looks back on some of those changes and tells us whether everyone still needs to look east, and what China still should learn from the wider world.



Basketball great Dikembe Mutombo lifts up prodigy cellist Justin Yu as honorary co-chair Yue-Sai Kan is amused by the heights.

Presidential Socks -- But Not Clinton's Cat

The Georgetown Dish

$3,000 for a 90-year-old man's dirty red socks?? Well, it was for a good cause. Former President George H.W. Bush wore the socks when he skydived from a plane on his 90th birthday this year. And the $3,000 goes to Points of Light, the international good works organization that held its annual dinner and auction Wednesday night at the Chinese Embassy.



Chinese-American Influencers Honored at Third Anniversary of YUE Magazine

New York Observer

Six of the most important Chinese and Chinese American influencers in the world of philanthropy, including Yue-Sai Kan, Lang Lang and Hao Jiang Tian were honored at the Yue magazine anniversary party in New York.



How a Former PBS Reporter Became "The Most Famous Woman in China"

Yahoo Finance

Thanks mostly to one woman, the Chinese cosmetic industry was born and has grown to become second only to the U.S. in beauty-product sales in the world. Yue-Sai Kan, a 1980s Emmy-award winning Chinese-American lifestyle host on China Central Television and PBS, used her celebrity status and fashion sense to introduce Chinese women to the world of makeup and skin care, by launching her own brand, Yue Sai, the first global Chinese brand of products designed specifically for Asian women.