Yue-Sai changed the face of China, one lipstick at a time

Forbes magazine

In 2000, seeing as all dolls in China had blue eyes and blonde hair, Yue-Sai designed and produced a line of Asian female dolls, known as the Yue-Sai WaWa (“doll” in Chinese). Each doll has distinctive Asian features, accessories and educational facts, to help Asian children develop confidence, knowledge and pride in their heritage as well as educate children of all heritages about Asian cultures.

There are two themes that run through the collection.

1. The major design theme of the collection is truly East meets West. They are either inspired by the traditional dresses or beautiful western fabrics. That means the clothes have touches of Asia yet very modern and chic in feel. The outcome is a range of uniquely designed fabrics and fashion that mixes and matchers the two.

2. A secondary design them focuses on the international flavor. They are beautiful designs that are not only rich in color but also dynamic in design and cutting.

All the dolls and accessories are both Collectibles, in that they are truly unique limited editions, and also Play dolls in that they have fashion complete with play patterns of hair and other fun accessories.