Yue-Sai has connected East and West with charm, intelligence and grace

New York Times

Yue Sai WorldYue-Sai has continued to produce a variety of television shows aimed at raising the Chinese consciousness about the latest international lifestyle trends, including segments for the popular TV program "Half of the Sky" and more recently "Yue-Sai's World" and “Yue-Sai’s Expo” on which she interviews various North American and European celebrities and politicians. Yue-Sai Kan has filmed in more than 25 counties, created thousands of programs, and been seen all over the globe. Her 2006 TV series "Yue-Sai's World" introduced interesting stories from Western cultures, various celebrities and other phenomena to Chinese viewers. Usher, Catherine Deneuve, and Suze Orman were some of the guests on her 30-minute weekly show. "I know there are lots of programs around but they don't have depth. This will be a solid lifestyle program. I have a big team in the United States currently producing it," she said. Throughout her TV career, Yue-Sai has filmed in more than 25 countries.

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