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2017  Ban Ki-moon Award from Asia Initiatives

2015  Women's Champion Award (Fashion 4 Development)

           For Multi-hyphenated Force for Change

2001  “Say Yes” Ambassador for Children (UNICEF United Nations)

           For the Global “Say Yes” Children’s Campaign

1999   World’s Leading Woman Entrepreneur Award (The Star Group)

           Contribution to International Economic Development

1996  Certificate of Appreciation (Int’l Trade Assoc.)

           In Recognition of Distinguished Service to the International Trade Community

1995  Exceptional Achievement Award (United Nations)

           Recognition of Outstanding Service to the United Nations World Conference on Women

           Paul Harris Fellow Award (The Rotary Foundation of Rotary Int’l)

 In Appreciation of Tangible and Significant Assistance Given for the Furtherance of Better Understanding and Friendly Relations Between Peoples of the World

1994  Certificate of Appreciation (Special Olympics)

           Support of Special Olympic International

1988  The Communication in Media Award (The Better World Society)

           For Television Projects That Have Helped Foster Better Understanding Between the Peoples of China and Citizens of Western Nations

1987  Travel Broadcasting Excellence Award (Pacific Area Travel Assoc.)

           Promotion of Pacific Area Region Travel by “Looking East”


2012 《旭茉JESSICA》Most Successful Women Award

2009  Top Ten Influential Women in Fashion (NetEase, leading Chinese portal site)

2004  China Fashion Award for Lifetime Achievement (Channel Young, Shanghai Media Group)

2005  New Commemorative Postal Stamp to go with Yue-Sai’s new hairdo (Chinese Government)

2002  Honored on Commemorative Postal Stamp (Chinese Government)

2002  “10 Most Outstanding Women in China” (Chinese Women Magazine, China Women’s Federation)

           Only Oversees Woman to Receive this Award2001

           “Most Influential Women in the last 20 years” (Xin Hua News Agency’s Global Magazine)

           A Bridge Between East and West, Tireless Efforts on Behalf of Opening China to the World

2000  Most Influential Person In Beauty Industry In Last Decade (China “Beauty & Fashion” Assoc.) 

           Enormous Contribution to the Development of the Beauty Industry in China.

           Magnolia Gold Award (Shanghai Government)

           In Recognition of Significant Contribution to the Development of the City of Shanghai

United States

2022  Lifetime Achievement Award (China Institute Blue Cloud Gala) 

           Lifetime Achievement Award (The Chinese American Museum DC’s Third Gold Lantern Award)

           Lifetime Achievement Award (New Jersey Chinese American Chamber of Commerce Gala & Award)

2015  Cultural Legacy Award (Chinese Cultural Foundation)

           In Recognition of Her Lifetime Dedication to The World of Cultural Exchanges and Philanthropy

2014  Ellis Island Medal Honor (National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations) 

 Outstanding Chinese American Immigrant

2009  World’s Most Successful Immigrants (Business Week)

           Other nominees include Google founder Sergey Brin, YouTube founder Steven Chen, etc.

2002  Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business (Asian American Business Development Center)

1996  Discovery Award (Sacred Heart University)

           Outstanding Achievement in Media and Business

1995  Exceptional Achievement Award (Women’s Project and Productions)

           In Recognition for Outstanding Achievement1994

           Outstanding Achievement (USPAACC)

           For her Outstanding Achievement

1991  Enterprising Award (Catholic University)

           Exceptional Contribution to Better Understanding & Communication Between East and West

1990  Humanitarian Award (East Manhattan Chamber of Commerce)

           Excellent Contribution for Better Understanding Between East and West

           Honorary Proclamation “Doing Business in Asia Month” (State of Minnesota)

           For Helping Americans to Achieve Success in Asian Markets

           Honorary Proclamation “Doing Business in Asia Month” (State of Washington)

           For Helping Americans to Achieve Success in Asian Markets

           Ohio State Award (Ohio State University)

           For the Excellence in Educational, Informational and Public Affairs Broadcasting

           Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters (Worcester State College)

           Creating a Better Understanding Between East and West

1989  Lifetime Achievement Award (AAPAA)

           For Her Lifetime Outstanding Achievements.

           Certificate of Appreciation (American Women in Radio and Television, Inc.)

           Outstanding Contribution to New York City

           Honorary Award (Southern Birmingham College)

           Outstanding Contribution to Educational Affairs

           Emmy Award (The Academy of TV Arts & Sciences)

           TV Special: “China: Walls & Bridges” on ABC TV Network

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