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"She's the World's only Chinese woman who for over three decades has shaped society on a global level."

——Joy Chen, Author

Throughout her life Yue-Sai has been deeply involved in charitable work. With her own money she has awarded many scholarships, built schools in her hometown Guangxi, and libraries in poor regions in Northern China. In 2002, UNICEF named her its first and only Global Chinese "Say Yes" Ambassador, and in 2011 to recognize her significant charity work, under Shanghai Soong Ching Ling foundation, the China Beauty Charity Fund was established in her honor for which Yue-Sai serves as Chairman.

Yue-Sai was also significantly involved in the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, getting legendary music composer Quincy Jones and Oscar-winning composer Tan Dun to compose the theme song for the Expo, and also assisting the US Pavilion with publicity and fund-raising. To recognize these, and her other accomplishments, the Shanghai Government has awarded her the highest award, the Magnolia.

Since 2011, Yue-Sai has served as the National Director of Miss Universe China.  The goals of this national event are to celebrate Chinese women by empowering them to use beauty to encourage charitable actions, educate about exemplary values, and create a positive image of Chinese women and Chinese culture around the World.

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