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Miss Universe China

I am often asked about the most important events that shaped my life and made me what I am today. Without a doubt, participating in the Chinese Chamber of Commerce sponsored Narcissus Flower Beauty Pageant in Hawaii when I was 19 years old was a most significant life changing experience. It was the first time I used cosmetics, learned how to create a flattering hairstyle for myself and understand good taste and fashion. The training I received for the Pageant included how to walk with poise on stage, make my voice powerful and attractive, and properly answer questions from the media with composure and dignity. It was an invaluable experience, truly transforming me from a college student into a polished young lady, and providing a tremendous foundation for my future career in television and in founding my cosmetics company.

The Miss Universe Pageant, which started in 1952 in California, is now the largest beauty pageant in the World, and this upcoming 2011 Pageant to be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil will mark its 60th Anniversary. I was a judge twice for the Miss Universe finals, and I know firsthand that this organization is extremely honest, legitimate and professional. Thus, when I was asked to act as the National Director for the 2011 MISS UNIVERSE CHINA PAGEANT, I happily agreed!

Miss Universe is more than a Pageant. I know from my personal experience, that participation in this glamorous event will be an amazing journey for all contestants to grow, and become stronger and better people. Contestants not only receive prizes and accolades, each will also learn to become a responsible person not only to the pageant system, sponsors and herself, but also as a role model to millions of other women and support charities to benefit the people of China and the World.

If you think you are eligible, I encourage you to apply for this once in a life time opportunity to act as an Ambassador for China through your participation in this Pageant. I also would like to invite potential sponsors and advertisers to be part of this historic event.

While there have been many Asian winners of the Miss Universe title there has never been a Miss China who has won the title. I am confident that there are many Chinese women who have the self-confidence, beauty, grace, intellect, talent to become a Miss Universe, and as National Director, I am determined to provide all contestants the best training and assistance to help them bring out their very best! I hope to see a Miss China go on to win the Miss Universe title, maybe even this 2011 in Sao Paolo, Brazil!

Yue-Sai Kan
National Director

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