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The Shanghai International Film Festival, abbreviated SIFF, is one of the largest film festivals in East Asia. Along with Tokyo International Film Festival, the SIFF is one of the biggest film festivals in Asia. The first festival was held from October 7th to 14th, 1993, and was held biennially until 2001. In 2003 there was no festival due to the SARS outbeak. Since its beginning in 1993, Shanghai International Film Festival has grown to become China's only A-category international film festival. SIFF organized by Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio, FIlm&TV and Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group.

It awards several "Golden Goblet" Awards for best film, best film, best director, best actor/actress, and other categories, as well as a "Special Jury Award".

SIFF Mart consists of the Film Market, China FIlm Pitch and Catch (CFPC), and Co-production Film Pitch and Catch(Co-FPC). The SIFFORUM is a communication platform. The 14th Shanghai International Film Festival was held on June 11 to June 19th, 2011, and was chaired by US director Barry Levinson.

The 15th Shanghai International Film Festival will be held from June 11 to June 19, 2012. It will cooperate with Miss Universe China Organization and China Beauty Chrity Fund which will be providing four scholarships in total amount of RMB 2 million to provide hard costs to four female directors to creat movies that speak to women's and society's issues.

Shanghai International Film Festival Official Website

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