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A Unique Showcase of Talents——Kan Family Art Exhibition in Hong Kong


Never before has there been a more artistically talented family than the Kan family. Exhibiting their skills in a variety of mediums, this multi-generational showcase will feature works from celebrated watercolor and oil painters; Mr. Maytin Kan, Ms. Szemei Kan, respected Ling Nan Chinese master, Mr. Wing-Lin Kan and Mr. Kung-Tai Kan. Also on display are works from famous graphic designer, Mr. Tai-Keung Kan, the Chinese brush work and calligraphy of Mr. Kit-Keung Kan, photography of Mr. and Mrs. Mi-Ki Kan and Mr. Peter Kan, Chinese calligraphy by Ms. Ivy Kan and Yu-San Kan, and the contemporary work of Ms. Anna Kan. Completing this exposition will be the works of international TV personality, book author, creative cosmetics and home design maven, Yue-Sai Kan.

Among these featured artisans:

Mr. Tai-Keung Kan is a renowned international graphic designer.  He was the first Chinese designer to be included in the 1995 Whos Who in Graphic Design and conferred the Honor of Bronze Bauhinia Star and Silver Bauhinia Star in 1999 and 2010 respectively.  Tai-Keung devotes much of his time to the education and promotion of art and design.

Ms. Yue-Sai Kans televised series One World has given millions of Chinese the first glimpse of the outside world and made her an instant household name.  In recent years, Yue-Sai produced two major series Yue-Sais World and Yue-Sais World Expo.   As a founder of Yue-Sai Cosmetics and a best selling author, Yue-Sai has published many books including Yue-Sais Guide to Asian Beauty, Etiquette for the Modern Chinese, and Exquisite Spaces, 25 Top Interior Designers of the World.  She is a true icon of her time.

This exhibition provides a look into a family that has pursued art with passion and been rewarded with its richness and diversity. With extraordinary quality and un-paralleled content, what is most striking is the abundance of details in the variety of artistic mediums available. Not only does each family member love art; their accomplishments in this have been exceptional. Evidence of this is clear-this show is a definite must see for all art lovers.


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