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'Extraordinary showcase'

By MINLU ZHANG on Nov 23, 2021 | CHINA DAILY

[Photo provided to China Daily]

TV host and entrepreneur Yue-Sai Kan says the Winter Olympics will be a good opportunity for the world to understand China more, Minlu Zhang reports in New York.

From the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics to the 2010 Expo Shanghai and to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Yue-Sai Kan is a witness to international events. When talking about the upcoming 2022 Winter Olympics, Kan is full of enthusiasm. The Chinese have a certain pride when it comes to this kind of global event, Kan says.

"I remember when they first announced the Winter Olympics to be held in China. It created such excitement among people, particularly young people. The young people are the most excited about winter sports," she says. "I bet you anything we have about 300 million Chinese that are engaged in winter sports (today). That is just totally amazing."

Kan often travels around China. From the time when people in China came into contact with winter sports for the first time to the upcoming Winter Olympics in China today, Kan has witnessed the rapid development of the country and profound changes in social life. The way people lead a healthy life is becoming more and more diverse.

"China is growing so much, everything then and now-it's like two different worlds. I remember there were hardly any real winter sports, maybe ice skating, but today there are 700(winter sports) resorts in China. That's really amazing," Kan says.


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