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The May 19th issue of "Beijing Review" carries a feature story about World Expo in Shanghai


Yue-Sai Kan (American, Emmy-winning television producer, bestselling author and cosmetics entrepreneur):

I think the opening ceremony was amazing, and one of the highlights was Quincy Jones's song. The most exciting part, for me, was the fireworks show, as I had never seen this from the east side of the Huangpu River; before, I always saw it from the Bund, on the west side of the Huangpu River.

The Expo is amazing for people in China, especially for children, as they have access to seeing so many national treasures presented by other countries. It's a good opportunity for us to learn from each other. It's a once-a-lifetime chance for many of us. The Expo is a big gift that the world gave us.

I think life in rural areas is pleasant, as you can enjoy the simple environment as well as organic food and fruits. The least healthy life, in my opinion, is in the city. So if the city we live in becomes better, our lives will definitely become better. That's my understanding of "Better City, Better Life."

I love the Expo site. It's an interesting place. If you were there for only an hour, you would see nothing. If you have a pair of comfortable shoes, walk around for a couple of hours and visit it several times, I'm sure you'll benefit from the trips.

I live in Shanghai and love it very much. It's beautiful, especially now.


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