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Yue-Sai Kan As the National Director of Miss Universe China Official 2011 Miss Universe China Pagean


Can we find a Chinese woman with brains, beauty and style?

Today the Miss Universe Organization (MUO) and Yue-Sai Kan, the National Director of the Miss Universe China Pageant, held a grand press conference at Conference Hall of The People's Government of Beijing Municipality in Beijing, to announce their plans regarding the upcoming Pageant. Miss Paula Shugart, President of MUO and the reigning Miss Universe, Miss Ximena Navarette of Mexico, and Mr. Jorge Guajardo, Ambassador of Mexico in China attended the event.

Miss Shugart expressed her strong support for Yue-Sai Kan, as National Director who is the sole license holder of Miss Universe China. Shugart stated: As the official licensee in China, Yue-Sai will be solely responsible for all aspects of holding a pageant and selecting a representative to compete at the 60th Miss Universe Pageant to be held on September 12, 2011 in São Paulo, Brazil. 

The MUO, based in New York City, USA, is owned by famous business mogul Donald J. Trump and NBC Universal Television (broadcaster of the Olympics).  The MUO Pageant is the World's most prestigious and most watched beauty pageant. Using state of the art production technology, coupled with its focus on fashion, beauty, charitable alliances and the empowerment of women everywhere, the Miss Universe Organization has been consistently the preeminent pageant for the last 60 years.

Miss Shugart stated that Yue-Sai was the perfect choice to be National Director in China.  She noted that Yue-Sai has twice been a judge in the MUO final pageant, has participated in a pageant herself, is greatly respected for her work in media, has impeccable style, fantastic business sense and a keen interest in helping others.   Yue-Sai is truly a fashion icon and role model for millions of Chinese women all over the world.

In her speech Ms. Kan explained why she chose to become the National Director.  One of the most important events that shaped my life and made me what I am today was participating in the Chinese Chamber of Commerce sponsored Narcissus Flower Beauty Pageant in Hawaii when I was 19 years.  It was the first time I used cosmetics, learned how to create a flattering hairstyle for myself and understand color, good taste and fashion.  The training I received was invaluable in transforming me from a college student into a polished young lady, and providing a tremendous foundation for my future career in television and in founding my cosmetics company.  I want to give this same opportunity to other young women in China.

Ms. Kan noted that participation in the Pageant is also a matter of pride for China.  She pointed out that since China began participating in the Pageant in 2002, there has never been a Chinese contestant to win the Miss Universe contest and only once, a Chinese contest was a second runner up.  However other Asian countries have been much more successful.  India, the Philippines, Japan and Thailand all have won the crown not only once, but twice. 

For many years Kan has been involved in the beauty, style and media businesses.  In referring to the Pageant as the Olympics of Beauty she stated:  I know that Chinese women have the brains, beauty and style to be successful.  Kan believes that with right training and preparation Miss China can win a title at the international competition and make all Chinese proud.  She outlined her intention to make sure that every contestant is given all the tools to compete nationally and internationally. 

Applications for contestants are being accepted now.  The deadline is June 15,  2011  It is an easy process to apply online at the miss universe china website.    Soon after, training will start.  The two day China competition, which will be televised, will take place on July 8 and July 10.  The winner and the first runner up will first go to New York City for a month of intensive training then by mid august, the Miss Universe China will go to Sao Paulo, Brazil to compete in the international competition slated on September 12. 

The Miss Universe China organization is also in the process of looking for sponsors and volunteers.   Kan stated:   This is a great opportunity for sponsors to become associated with not only beauty and elegance, but an entire series of events which support female education, community involvement and charitable work in china.    She requested potential sponsors to contact the organization through the website, which lists the benefits and answers.  She also discussed how important volunteers will be in assisting in many aspects of the Pageant to make it a World-Class experience. 

In addition to the training that the contestants will receive, there are a variety of other benefits and prizes they can receive including travels, scholarships, wardrobe, cosmetics and jewelry.  Additionally, the winner of Miss Universe China will be employed for one year by YSK productions to support a variety of charitable events, such as those for the Soong Ching Ling foundation, and also be part of commercial activities to support our sponsors.  If the China winner is successful at the Miss Universe competition in Brazil, she will be employed full time by the Miss Universe Organization and be based in New York, and through such be an ambassador for China.

For years, Miss Yue-Sai Kan has been influential in shaping the international image of China as a reporter and television personality.  On October 1, 1984, she hosted the first live broadcast from China to the West.  Through her hosting on CCTV, and various shows, including Yue-Sai's World, she has not only brought a closer relationship between the US and China, but also inspired and taught a whole generation of viewers, and t.v. Professionals.  As an entrepreneur, Miss Yue-Sai Kan was the first woman entrepreneur to create her own Chinese cosmetics brand, which became amazingly successful and was later purchased by L'Oreal, the Worlds largest cosmetics company.  Her line of cosmetics, which helps to enhance beauty, caters to the unique needs of the Chinese women.  She also has 7 bestselling books about fashion and beauty.

Miss Kan is also a very generous philanthropist, humanitarian and patron of the arts.  She has been substantially involved with the Soong Ching Ling Foundation, UNICEF, Orbis, Meals on Wheel through which she has raised money to benefits millions of unfortunate people not only in China but also in the USA.  Additionally, her generous support has allowed for the construction of both schools and libraries in China.

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