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Yue-Sai Kan Judges the 70th Narcissus Queen Pageant in Honolulu


On January 13th, 2019, Yue-Sai served on the judging panel of the 70th Narcissus Queen Pageant, which crowned the new queen Tiana Wong. The Narcissus Queen Pageant is presented by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii each year with the aim to preserve and showcase a vast legacy of knowledge and preservation of Chinese heritage.

Yue-Sai was a winner of the Narcissus Queen Pageant in 1968 (Second from the left)

While attending Brigham Young University in Hawaii as a nineteen-year-old student, Yue-Sai was voted to run in the Narcissus Festival beauty pageant as a contestant to represent the university. She ended up being selected as a Narcissus Princess. The life changing experience marked the beginning of her career in fashion, beauty, communication and cultural exchange.

Yue-Sai with newly crowned Narcissus Queen Tiana Wong and other contestants

Yue-Sai with newly crowned Narcissus Queen Tiana Wong and other contestants 2019 marks the Narcissus Queen Festival’s 70th year. The Chinese Chamber of Commerce invited Yue-Sai to return as a judge! Following 4 phases of competition including a judge's interview, talent, Chinese evening gown and on-stage speech, University of Hawaii student Tiana Wong won the title of the 70th Narcissus Queen at Hawaii Theatre. Yue-Sai encouraged Tiana Wong and other contestants to be charitable, create a positive image and celebrate women by empowering them to use beauty for a positive social change.


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