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Yue-Sai on publishing the book - "The Chinese Gentleman"


"The Chinese Gentleman"

By: Yue-Sai Kan

Book Released September 2006

Known as the China's iconic arbiter of taste, a TV personality, founder of a popular cosmetics brand "Yue-Sai", an acclaimed author, and now Yue-Sai has become the author of her 5th best seller called "The Chinese Gentleman".

Yue-Sai on publishing the book:

You may ask, why should anyone publish another book after 4 best sellers?  The answer is simple!   There just isn't anything like this in the market today!    There are many books written for women from "how to draw a perfect eyebrow" to "how to have better relations with your husband", but other than business books, there is nothing written for men.  For years, I have been asked to host panel discussions on "How Chinese Business Men Should Present Themselves Internationally", to being a judge at contests to choose the best "Chinese Gentlemen in China" or give speeches on what I consider proper international manners for men.  My publisher, CITIC, recently approached me and asked that I write this book.  With the Olympics coming soon in 2008, the Chinese Government is definitely interested in teaching its country men proper behavior while hosting such a large crowd of foreign visitors.    There are lots of "etiquette classes" being offered in China, but many are misinformed.   There isn't a good primer with all the correct guidelines, and I thought I might be that someone who writes a book from both the Eastern and the Western perspective.  The book was completely sold out within the first week before I got the chance to fly to Beijing to promote the book.

The book is divided into 5 chapters:

1.  How Should a Gentleman Look? - Exploring issues from personal hygiene; from hair to nails, to how to pick the right outfit and accessories for various occasions.  Yue-Sai gives advice on skin care and fragrance for men.  "When asked what kind of men she likes by a journalist, she said, 'I love my men smelling sexy.'"

2. Business Gentleman- Yue-Sai gives advice on business etiquette on emails, business cards, phone manners, to business trips, relationships with your colleagues, partners and your boss.  She also focuses on sensitive issues when doing international business, and how to entertain foreign partners when they visit China.

3.  How Does a Gentleman Eat? A chapter that focuses on eating Western-style dishes using forks and knives with an understanding of wines.

4.  Gentleman in Daily Life- A chapter that covers the proper behavior of a gentleman in everyday life from not spitting on the streets, smoking, to attending theater and concerts. 

5. Ladies and Gentlemen- This chapter points out how to be a gentleman in relation to women; everything from opening doors to even sex etiquette.  Yue-Sai advices on safe sex, blind dates and how to deal with office romance. 

Yue-Sai's quote on having affairs; "Don't do it.  It is easier to revive a dull marriage than work back a marriage from betrayal."

Here are more quotes from the book:

"There are no ugly men in the world, just lazy ones."  Yue-Sai Kan

"Men are like fires, they go out if not attended to."  Zaza Gabor, Actress

"If a man be gracious and courteous to strangers, it shows he is a citizen of the world."  Francis Bacon, British writer

Want to be more of a man?  Make women feel more like women! Yue-Sai Kan

Yue-Sai also shares many anecdotes about male and female relationships from famous people she knows.  For example, when she met actor Hugh Jackman, she asked if he would ever be tempted to have an affair and he said, "No".   His secret?  "When I meet a younger woman, I would think of her as my daughter. When I meet someone around my age, I would think of her as my sister.  When I meet an older woman, I will think of her as my mother."  He claims it has worked very well for him.

To order, if you are based in the Chinese mainland, go to Otherwise, please write to


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