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Yue-Sai's latest publication is made available to the Chinese reader right before New Year


Yue-Sai's latest publication "Exquisite Spaces, 25 Top Interior Designers of the World" is made available to the Chinese reader right before New Year and is becoming a huge hit.

The coffee table sized hardcover picture book took 2 years to complete. It is printed on top quality paper. All pictures are digitally reproduced to the finest detail. The 300-page tome features in-depth conversations with interior design heavyweights from around the world, including Peter Marino, Mario Buatta, Alberto Pinto, Geoffrey Bradfield, and etc. The designers talk about their design philosophies, their most important works and dispense tips to people who want to have a stylish home and try their hands at decorating.

"Exquisite Spaces" comes at a time when Chinese people are getting used to the concept of home ownership and quality living. As Yue-Sai said in the preface, "More and more Chinese have discovered that our home is the sweetest place and the most relaxing place to have our friends over and again, the only place that truly shows off our most intimate personal style." The book is becoming a popular gift item among people with a passion for a beautiful life.

"Exquisite Spaces" is published in Chinese and is available for purchase in book stores in China and

To purchase outside China, please send your request to You can get 10% off market price, which is $26 and for $15, we ship to literally every corner of the world. PayPal payment is accepted.

List of Featured Designers

Peter Marino

Jeffrey Bilhuber

Robert Couturier

Mario Buatta

Nina Campbell

Alberto Pinto

Grover Dear

Jamie Drake

Daniel Romualdez

Frank de Biasi

Bunny Williams

David Kleinberg


Trisha Wilson

Scott Snyder

Jaya Ibrahim

Peter Dunham

Geoffrey Bradfield

Juan Pablo Molyneux

Tony Ingrao & RandyKemper

Susan Gutfreund

Lyndon Neri

Agnes Comar


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